Lend Me Your Words

The rules are few:
  1. Look at a picture 
  2. Write 100 words about it 
  3. Send them to me 
When I get 1000 words (or more) I will edit the sentences together to make a masterpiece!

(Note: I won't be manipulating single words so please submit full sentences, and preferably not rhyming prose or poetry, and definitely not long, comma separated ones like this, because those make it quite difficult to edit later)

(Also Note: If you submit something that is grammatically offensive (your instead of you're, it's instead of its, etc...) or has spelling mistakes I will correct it with extreme prejudice and without a hint of guilt)

The Gallery:

Picture 1 - Done!

Picture 2 - In Progress
Picture 3 - In Progress
Picture 4 - In Progress
Picture 5 - In Progress
Picture 6 - In Progress

Picture 7 - In Progress
Picture 8 - In Progress
Picture 9 - In Progress
Picture 10 - In Progress

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