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"Another Log on the Fire" (395 words submitted)

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  1. "A lonely loon call trilled across the lake as Tim put another log on the fire. The cool breath of night air signalled that these were summer's dying days. Tomorrow he would pack up the tent and start back down the trail. Tonight would be his last on the lake.
    There were classes to prepare for. Children imagine that their teachers live at the school. Some kids even thought he relished imprisoning them on sunny days. But the truth was, he taught so he could have summers off. Kids don't consider they have many more summers ahead than adults do."

  2. The streak of light from the moon on the water tonight looks almost solid enough to walk on. It’s a bridge, the one that Samantha told me would be there when the time came. Not tonight; I won't try tonight. It’s still wavering, every time the wind blows, and I am afraid that a little way out, it would collapse, and I’d drown. Lost in the cold deep water, and they’d never even find my body. But one night, one night soon, when the wind is still and the bridge appears, I will cross it.

  3. Thanks Chazz and Gordon! This one was submitted by M. Craig Bettencourt way back in 2011.

    "It always gets chilly when I camp here no matter when I come, another log of wood gobbled up by the flames.There is nothing more satisfying than the smell of wood on me when the sun's rays peel open my heavy eyelids. I sigh to myself, tonight I'm by myself, looking back to the past, and breathing in the present, but as the moon rises and the stars become clearer, I gaze into tomorrow. One day someday, I'll have a son and he'll sit here with me smiling, shivering, and ask me to put another log on the fire."